Ladies’ Kilts and Skirts

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Standard Length: 11 ½ x 90” including fringed edge Price: $50.00
Mini-Sash with Rosette: Price: $25.00
Woman’s Kilt – 8 yard length 11 & 13 oz Price: $ 450.00
Woman’s Kilt – 8 yard length 16 & 17 oz Price $550.00
Woman’s Kilt – 6 yard length Price $350.00(add $50.00 for kilts with waists over 46”)
Mini-Kilt, custom made: Price $300.00
A-line Skirt, Hostess length Price $220.00
A-line skirt, Street length Price $125.00
Kilt skirt Price $175
Kilt skirt with knife pleats all around Price $175.00
Mini Kilt (ready made, limited range of tartans) Price $90.00
Hostess skirt, floor length Price $300.00
The following items are made-to-measure in Scotland, and will be ordered specifically for you. Made with a lightweight tartan wool fabric of your choice. Prices will vary depending on measurements.
A-line Skirt, Hostess Length A-line Skirt, Street length
Kilt Skirt Kilt Skirt, with knife pleats all around
Mini-kilt, ready made Hostess skirt, floor length
Ladies’ Semi-kilt (deep hand-pleated) Up to hip 48”. Length 29” – 32”