You may already know which tartan you would like to wear, or you may need some guidance. If you have an inkling –check the tartan finderto determine which exact tartan you would like. If you are not sure which tartan you could wear, visit our FAQ’s page for some guidance or you can always contact us for assistance in finding an appropriate tartan for you. We work with several different mills to bring you the best possible selection. Our tartan selection includes all registered tartans. Any tartan that is not readily available can be custom woven for you. We can also obtain Irish and Welsh Tartans.

All custom tartan orders are non-refundable.

The traditional man’s kilt is made from an 8-yard length of tartan.
There are three styles of pleating:

  1. Dress – Pleated to the sett of the tartan. The pattern of the tartan is reproduced on the back pleats.
  2. Military – Pleated to the stripe. The predominant stripe is centered on each pleat.
  3. Box Pleat – Old style military pleating.

Weight of the tartan:

The weight of the tartan refers to the thickness of the yarn used to weave the cloth. The thicker the yarn, the wider the sett, and the heavier the cloth.

A standard dress kilt can be made using:

  • Medium weight 13oz material.
  • Heavier weight 16oz-18oz offers a heavier and more durable garment.
  • Light weight 11oz material is also offered, but is generally not recommended for a traditional kilt as it may be too lightweight to provide the proper “swing” of the kilt.