Each kilt we make is hand sewn by our in house kiltmaker. We take a lot of pride in preserving the tradition of authentic kilt making that has been passed down through generations in our family.

We take each custom kilt order seriously, as it takes time to run each stitch, giving it the attention and quality you deserve. Review some of our pricing options for both Men's and Women's custom work. Then start choosing your tartan, so we can guide you the rest of the way.

*All custom tartan orders are non-refundable.

Download Rate Sheet [PDF]

How to Start

What about the Ladies?

Ladies are welcome to wear the full kilt, just as the men do. However, there is a demi-kilt or kilt-skirt available. It is usually made of 4-5 yards of tartan and accessorized with a kilt pin and sash.

Ladies can also wear a hostess skirt which is a full length skirt, also accessorized with a sash and kilt pin

For those that are young and daring, there is the mini-kilt.

Sashes can be plain or folded as a rosette to be worn at the shoulder, usually fastened with a brooch or pin.